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Here's a list of all the sites that I have found and like enough to share! This contains friends, sites I have stumbled upon, helpful links for various stuff, or something else! This list is in order of whoever gets added first, there is no rhyme or reason (: Want your site to be here? E-MAIL me! Send me a link (and a half banner (234px by 60px) if you can), and if I like it? I'll add it! O: One thing to note tho, with the exception of stuff like NeoCities, I don't want to link back to social media sites on this page. This is for true websites, for people to find other places to explore the web that isn't the Mane 5.

RXR Signals
The Old Robots
Old Pinouts
Save the Dragons
6502 Info
My Minecraft Adventures
Linux Fox
6502 Info and more
Roxas' Site
Color blender