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It's me, Never Jhonsen! Over a quarter century old, queer in many ways, and ADHD/Austic, this big blue Dragon is lovable in many ways :)

GENDER AND SEXUALITY I am just a guy (he/him), and I'm Demisexual Panromantic. I've vibed with this idenity for a few years now, and I think it describes me well (:

Two of my favorite things are Computers and Cars. I love working and messing with computers, wether old or new, hardware or software, high or low programming. You name it there's a great chance I enjoy it. Cars are a fun thing too; I've ownd a few old cars in the past and I like the thrill of keeping them going :)
I'm also a fan or repairing and restoring things. Most of my household items are old various equiptment that I've fixed over time. Reduce waste and bring life into otherwise usable electronics. Same with my recent hobby of recycling HDPE, which you can see more at the link provided. I've actually tried making a few YouTube videos of me fixing things, but I haven't done much; also I had a hard time with the first two videos as the camera I had wasn't. .. it wasn't good.
A few other small things I love are Dragons (of course), writing letters to friends, cross stitching, creating pixel art, Pokemon (games, TCG, Anime), and making people happy.

I work as a street sweeper; I drive a big truck that cleans parking lots. It's where I get a lot of my HDPE trash, in fact.

Hey anyone's welcome to message me :) Here are a few links to find and hit me up with

Don't be afraid to message! I may not reply at first because of sleep/work, but if you hit me up I will message back :)

Yes I am a furry. Yes I have some fursonas. My big blue Dragon (Never the Dragon) is from June 2009; I can't remember the exact date other than the end of the school year, but 24 is my favorite number and that's close enough, so his birthdate's 2009/06/24. Hey that's old! He's not my only one either; I actually have a whole section of this webbed site dedicated to them :) Find it HERE!