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What can I advertise?

Well, before I answer that, lets go over what you CAN'T advertise:

Other than that, go for it! You have a store on Redbubble/Bandcamp/itch.io/etc.? let's advertise it! You made a cool website you like? Lets advertise it! You draw/write/compose/design for a living and want to advertise it? I'll advertise that too! you really like a character and you wanna show them off? Sure! Lets do it! :)

Rules and regulations

Few rules to cover first, to set some groundwork:

With all that aside, don't let this scare you! I want you to advertise here, it looks good when people have enough interest in my site to advertise, and it's good for you because that means people get to visit your site! :) I'm very nice and friendly, but rules do need to be set.

Prices as of March 2022:

Prices are for each ad size regardless of quanity; For example, if there are 5 468x60 ads and 2 240x400 ads, each size group will still be the same price amount.

Ad Information

All ads are non-trackable, non-data logging, simple ads. It's a pictue with a link, nothing more. I will never collect user data to sell, no matter how vague (I won't even put a site counter on my home page, because that's a tracker of sorts)

You'll need to supply your own banner images; I could make you one, but I charge $20 per image and spend about 20 minutes designing one for you. Quality not guarenteed.

Current banner sizes:

Current places to find ads:

If I get more interest, I'll add more places, starting with fursona.neververy4.com

Are you still here, and interested? Send me an E-Mail with:

All replies will be returned within a 24-hour time span; Unfortunally, running a website is not my only job, and I can't devote all my time to servicing you