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Phone screen died :( Spent 4 days waiting on a new one so i can fix it
Here's a picture of the inbetween! Testing the new screen to make sure it actually works. There's the old screen right next to it; you can see the cracked corner onit at the bottom right. I bought the new scren off eBay for USD$45 Free Shipping, and it seems to be good. No error messages, it came with a new seal and a (Broken) glass screen protector, as well as preused cheapo tools (I didn't need them for this) that didn't even match the job. The box the screen was in had a brand name on it! Very unusual! Anyways it's "iTruColor", and the box says it's "Preferred Brand of Mobile Phone Chain Repair Shops". They have a site, but they seem to only ship to distributors, nothing for personal private use. They also seem to be a UK Brand, which I found amusing. The eBay seller was American shipping from America to me, an American.

ANYWAYS! Point is, my phone's fixed and it cost less than 1/2 of what I paid last time through iFixIt. My phone broke back in Nov 2021, and it broke again just outside of their 1 year warrenty. They're still selling it at the same price, USD$109, but that's before shipping, and it doesn't come with a seal/glass protector, nor does it include garbage tools. Sometimes you really do find a good deal on eBay (:

Been stuck at home all day, bored out of my mind. Trucks wouldn't function properly (Hydrolic lines froze), so boss canceled work :( Sitting at home doing nothing but losing money. IN OTHER NEWS I did order a 3D Printer! Tronxy X5SA-2E! It's a 330x330x400mm print bed, dual filament printer with a heated bed that moves on the Y. I WAS looking at their 500x500x600mm printer bed, but that one was USD$800, while the one i got was on sale for USD$370. Not a bad deal for a 330mm^2 printer! I also picked up one Filament Drying box, and a spool of blue TPU (PICTURE); I already have three rolls of PLA Pro, but I wanna get TPU for making gaskets for cars and stuff. I've seen a lot of positivity about car gaskets being made from TPU,and I need to rebuild the Buick's Carburetor (And i'vehaving a pain finding a rebuild kit!!!!), so it works out :) While I await it's shipment, I'm gonna design some boxes to test the printer out with; the cardboard boxes I use in my toolbox to hold all my socket heads are falling apart, I need something more sturdy to contain them. HEY! Maybe I can upload all my 3D files up here O: Come back in about 7 months, maybe by then I'll have something UwU

ALSO! Bit of trival info that I think pertrains to no one; this message is the last update I'll do on my old RSS feed page. YEAH! Remember when i said I was making an RSS feed for my site? Well fun fact it's been there for months and months! It used to be feed.xml, but I changed the file's extension to feed.rss, as this just made more sence to me. Anyways I made a note that I'll update feed.xml 10 more times beforediscontuining it, and now here's that 10th post. https://www.neververy4.com/feed.rss Click Here to subscribe! Don't know what RSS is? Honestly, your best bet is to Wiki it; it'll tell you more than what I can in a much better way than I can.

Anyways, thanks for checking in on my site :) Hope y'all are doin' well, Don't be afraid to contact me! Info can be found in my ABOUT section, on the HOME drop down menu located on the Top-Left corner of this site :3

Boss got a letter from the State Government about me. It was delivered to the company, they got my info from Payroll Services. Apparantly Tennessee has $1,141.21 for me in "Unclaimed Property". going to the government website https://www.ClaimItTN.gov confirms that. Still a bit sketchy, but it was a government website and it didn't share a single ad nor try to get me to click on anything unwanted.
If this IS real, then that money's gonna go straight to my car; my partner's Skylark is cool, but I miss my beast :( I just want her back. And other than her Transmission she runs so much better than the Buick I hate the Buick so much.
On the other hand, some money that I know IS real is the $300 my boss gave me as a Christmas bonus, and I want to put that towards a 3D printer. Tired of not having one.

HI! It's been awhile! A lot has happened! Let's keep this update brief;
- Late October my transmission stopped shifting properly. Slips up any hill and over 30MPH. Estimated USD$1,500.00. Thankfully I have my partner's car but I still had to spend about $700 ($460 went to 4 tires) to make it ready for the road; it was OK for short trips but not as a daily (it's a free car from the 70's I was working on in my free time but now I no longer have that casual free time I needed something). No clue when I'll have the money to get my car back on the road again.
- Still haven't touched the 6502. You'll never guess why.
- Fought with a Raspberry Pi to make that Pi-Hole thing. I hate Linux so fucking much.
Phone got dropped and now there are yellow vertical lines that slowly appear once the phone's screen is turned on; cycling it off and back on clears it all instantly. There's also a darker corner as well. No clue how much longer it's got til this replacement screen dies but I really hope it'll last til i can buy a new one because I don't have the money right now and it's using an eSIM so i can't even grab a temporary phone in the meantime.
- Designed a bunch of little breakout DevBoards for the 6502 project. Serial, CompactFlash, PS/2, VGA. I plan on making a section of my site to those gerbers for free download.
- Feeling evil I wanna make https://drama.neververy4.com/ (doesn't exist yet; don't click) to house all my drama screenshots of promatic people i have dealt with to better tell friends WHY I think someone is probmatic.
- Spent between July to early November being the only household income; one reason I couldn't just fix my car was because I was slowly losing my savings. Thankfully my partner now has a job and I can start saving again. We did agree that they will pay me back on the money spent on their car so I can put it towards mine. Plus, we agreed in the past that they'd be the one to buy the parts I needed to make it road ready.

There! you should be caught up now! (: Sorry for the silence, I haven't felt like updating my site.

I have been ever so slowly working on that 6502 project kit from Ben Eater. So far the hardest and most frustrating part is with stripping and cutting the wires. I an straight up ready to consider ditiching everything and buying bulk breadboard jumpers; yes that's going to cost a lotta money, but it's tedious and frustrating to fight on the measuring, stripping, and laying part.
I've been looking into many other 6502 stuff as well tho! Once I get this little kit woprking, I want to design and build my own ATX-compadible 6502 computer board. Everything from getting power with an ATX power supply, to fittingin a standard ATX case, to even having expansion card slots on it. I have already decided on a few features on how I want to set things up;
- It will be an ISA standard (and you can buy 8-bit slots on Digi-Key/Mouser as of late Sept. 2022)
- There will be a PS/2 Keyboard port
- CompactFlash support; I know people tend to prefer SD cards, but I don't. I prefer the size, weight, and connectivity of a CompactFlash card. Also, it can work directly with the IDE standard, which means if I can get CompactFlash to work, I can work on getting other IDE devices to work.
- VGA support? that seems to be a controversal one for the 6502. IF I get it, it'll be low res and might not be on the board; ISA card only
- RS-232. This seems common and easy enough. I've saved a few instructions I've seen online for this.

Anyways, i've been lost in the world of 6502 computing this past month. between this, work, and the hype of having friends come over at the end of the month, I've been rather preoccupied. Here, just for you followers; a new Never the Dragon certified image.