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My site overhaul should be complete! I have modified everything to match a plesant theme, while also being it's own area :) Everyone has a NAV BAR (that also always stays on top), and all the backend code is unified for easier editing.
ART home page is now there! It's still not glamourus, but hey it's much better than the previous trash (: Also the Buttons and Icons pages are finished! They're also responsive to page sizes, instead of being a fixed width/height; no more oversized icons on large browser windows.
CODE has been redefined! It's now a bit more easier to navigate, and I have also added in empty pages so that the site doesn't break with dead links. I still have to populate the pages, but hey, it's progress.
FURSONA! I didn't change much since the last update, just fixed a few broken links and fixed the NAV BAR to always show
And now the big one: HDPE. If you notice, that site hasn't changed nor updated to my newer site style. That was intentional! it has a unique feel and I wanna keep that feel (: HDPE gets to stay as it is, and this isn't a bad thing.

I still have a lot left to do with my site! Again, it is always evolving and growing, but this backend overhaul will make it easier and faster in the long run :) Thanks for being awesome and checking out my site

Hey I gave the FURSONA part of my website the full update it deserves!!!
Origonally, I planned on tackling the Bio/History sections, something that has been blank for many years. But when I started that, I realized that I needed to modernize the pages to match my new site theme. And in order to do that, I had to update all the other current files. Which meant making a whole new CSS sheet, as well as reformating every page :( But hey! I did that! And oh BOY does the FURSONA site feel so much better (: (: (:
Now um. .. I never did actually get to making the entries for Bio/History on each fursona. .. unfortunally. However! Check out the images pages! They're streamlined to fit nicer, AND they're color-coded by popular-to-my artists too! (Popular as in there are a few that I have commissioned many, many times :P). They should all work no problem for Desktop/Tablet/Phone, however the NAV bar still is a little weird on Tablet/Phone, but that's also the same for the home site. haven't cared enough to patch that.

Warning; Long Post Ahead
So I did a MAJOR overhaul on my webbed site :) Firstly, you may notice that the formatting is a bit different. Because it is! I finaly went around and made a NAVIGATION BAR for my home site, and I plan on doing that for all the other pages too. NavBar's do look a lot nicer than large buttons, and they load a whole lot faster than a bunch of images. Let me know what you think! Also, the site is Desktop/Tablet/Mobile friendly as always (: In fact I've even optimized that feature as well! You see, it USED to be done with three different CSS sheets. But one of the major overhaulings done not only condensed it all into one, but there is a very long list of variables in the CSS file so that if I ever felt like changing things up, it's a lot faster for me now. Also the ads got rearanged (but there's still the same number; I didn't change that part). They're a bit more sensible on the page, and intergrate quite a bit nicer too. I also changed the code behind them as well! It's still the same basic image/links, but now they change every 5 minutes, and there's a little clickable link on them to visit the main ad site.
Another thing I did, was updating the ART site some. I went around and added my Icons :) It's not the BEST design, I'm still experimenting with better layouts, but as it stands I'm OK with it. I still haven't made a proper homepage for the art site.
I'm also working on UI-same'ing all my various sites. I think it would look better if everything felt the same. It'd also be easier to add, remove, or just change features later if everything had the same framework. I'm not going to change things like colors and styles tho. I still want them to look different, I just want them to feel the same, and be the same behind the curtains.
Also, my RSS feeds are changing links :( I realize that's a dick thing to do, but it is early in their history of them existing, and there will be ample time before you'll have to update them. Which won't be hard; change the file extension from .xml to .rss to update them. Very simple! I didn't know .rss was a thing until after I made both of mine, and since .rss is more to the point than .xml, I think it's a good of reason as any to want to update it. This is notification 10 btw, you have 9 more updates before I stop updating the old link and only use the new one. Not wanting to use my RSS feeds, but curious about all I've ever posted here? Here soon I'll be making an archival blog site of every post I've had (Currently, the only way to read the old stuff is with the RSS feed, I only keep the 5 latest ones on the homepage). Dates can be searchable by adding #2022_05_24 (or whatever date you wanna look for) to the end of the URL. This also works with the homepage here.
AND LASTLY! Before making this huge upgrade I have added my site to the Wayback Machine. I noticed a little while back that a lot of my pages were added to it; something I have never done. That's cool! Thank you to whoever had done that :) However I have added both the old version, as well as this new version.

FINALLY! After all these years, I have finally started on the ART PAGE! That's right! If you visit https://art.neververy4.com/ (Or click the button on the side menu), there's FINALLY content there (: The only pages I made is the buttons page, and a very quick and cheap home page (It ain't stayin' like that don't worry), but it's a start! :) Next I wanna tackle the icons I've made (and haven't touched since 2018 :( I love my icons), and then I'll just fill in as I go. Very pleased to have finally started it tho! A great feeling, as that page has been blank for so long . ..
Check it out tho! Designed for Desktop/Tablet/Mobile, as everything else is on my site. And let me know what you think of the layout for the button page (Ignore the home page, again it's scrap).

Site update! My home page was getting too long, so now I will only keep the latest 5 (five) blog entries; all the others can be found on my RSS feed. The site was getting too long :( Too much to load for a basic homepage. ..
Also! I am now part of THREE webrings! You can find them at the bottom of my homepage, as well as any others I join in on. What is a webring? Great question! So back before search engines were as sophisticated as they are today, people would form a "Web Ring", which is just a contuinious "ring" of sites linked together. Pretty much, your site would have two different sites linked on it, a "PREVIOUS" site and a "NEXT" site, and so would every other site in the ring. Clicking the two links would allow you to browse through each site until you made a circle and reached your starting site. It was a great way to find new sites you haven't seen before! (: